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7 Reasons Why We're Obsessed With Cardholders

The new year is here, and it's time to get organized. No, we're not talking about your life goals (although we know you'll do great!) - we're talking about your purse.

If you find yourself rummaging through the black hole that is your handbag, unable to find your credit card yet again (even though you KNOW it's in there), a cardholder is probably just what you need.

#1: Everything fits.

Credit cards, driver's license, business cards, IDs and oh - your Sephora card! They all fit snugly and securely in your cardholder.

#2: It's the perfect size.

Cardholders usually come with 3, 5 or 7 slots. More isn't always more though. The more slots, the bulkier it would be. So depending on how many essential cards you have, get a size you need. Our Saffiano Cardholder has 5 slots. Not too much, not too little; it's just right, we think!

#3: Grab and go.

Need your cards, but don't want to lug your bag or purse around? A cardholder is the perfect minimalist replacement for your everyday wallet or purse. It keeps your essential cards together so all you need to do is grab it and head out the door.

#4: It slides right into your pocket

I've always envied how the guys have pockets roomy enough for their entire wallet AND phone!

I'm a jeans girl. So when I got my very first cardholder, it was like having my purse in my pocket. Finally!! It fits even in my skinniest of jeans. Unless I'm stuffing way more cash (and coins, oops) than I should, my cardholder stays slim and doesn't bulk the pocket.

#5: It stores cash notes

It's a *card* holder but hey - if it fits, it sits! Perfect for lunchbreaks, clubbing, grocery runs and more.

#6: ...and coins!

Yep, even coins. Not much, only a few. But perfect when you need something handy to store change. 

We put it to the test. Cards, cash and coins. We'll blog about it soon!

#7: It's a style hack.

I felt extra stylish whenever I whipped my cardholder out. There's just something quite classy and elegant about the Saffiano Cardholder. I do love the feel of the saffiano leather very much. It's like my own little piece of luxury. And seeing my most-used cards so neatly organized and tucked in made me feel like I've got my ish all together even on days when I feel like I don't.

Check out our Saffiano Cardholders here and get yours monogrammed for free!


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