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New Hue: Burgundy

Burgundy - Not entirely red, and not quite purple. A class of its own - fittingly.

Burgundy has always been on the top of our list of hues to add to our palette here. We would have done so sooner, had it not been for the elusiveness of this much sought-after shade we all love. It took us months to perfect our Burgundy. We refused to settle for just deep red or maroon. It had to have the right blend of reds and purples, the right amount of cool-tones and warmth. 

The colour is rich and bold. Two jewel-tones blended into one. It's deep, yet not dull. 

Colours speak. And Burgundy speaks of confidence, purpose and sophistication. 

Burgundy comes out in full force every Fall, but we think you don't have to wait three-quarters of a year to bring out your favorite colours - especially when it's. this. good. 


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