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One of A Kind. That's what OAK means to us.
There's something undeniably special and modestly luxurious about having something made just for you, emblazoned with your name or initials in shiny gold or silver. 
The idea for personalized leather came about when we were looking for a way to add a personal touch to the A.T.C Bags line. Combined with our all-time love for Saffiano leather, the dream of working with our favorite leather found its way to reality. The OAK Bar brand was thus created to offer personalized 100% Saffiano leather accessories and bags that would be One of A Kind.
Here at The OAK Bar, personalization is done in-house by hand at our long table - an idea inspired by the Oscar engraving bar station where winners watch their names being engraved onto their award - making it theirs and theirs alone, for all time. This gave the brand its name, The OAK Bar.
The OAK Bar is based in Singapore and ships worldwide. By designing in-house, working directly with the best factories available, selling directly to customers through our website and shipping right to your doorstep from our office, we are able to cut out middle-man costs and offer your own little piece of luxury at minimal mark-ups and great prices.

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