... Saffiano iPhone 8 Case in Blush
Saffiano iPhone 8 Case in Blush
Saffiano iPhone 8 Case in Blush Saffiano iPhone 8 Case in Blush

Saffiano iPhone 8 Case in Blush

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Feel the luxe leather on your hands as you tap away on your phone everyday. 
A sturdy, durable case with 100% genuine saffiano leather backing.
Snap-on hard case for this model only.

Complimentary monogramming is available for all our Saffiano items. Have your initials or name monogrammed in gold or silver and make it truly yours and one of a kind. Couldn't be more perfect as a gift for a loved one to cherish. 

Enter the letters you wish to monogram in the "To Monogram:" box above.

Regular font size is 1cm tall. You can monogram up to 3 letters in uppercase.

Small font size is 0.6cm tall. You can monogram up to 6 letters in uppercase for the iPhone 7/8 case and up to 7 letters in uppercase for the iPhone 7/8 Plus.

If you require assistance, we'd love to hear from you! Simply chat with us via the chatbox on the bottom of your screen, or email us at ask@theoakbar.co

Our Saffiano collection is made from genuine, high quality 100% saffiano calf leather. 

Saffiano leather is textured with a distinct and unmistakable cross-hatch pattern and treated with a wax finish. This gives the leather more durability and renders it more scratch-resistant. Its practicality and effortlessly elegant look made us want to build a brand around our favorite kind of leather!

How to care for your Saffiano item: You do not need to go the extra-mile to maintain your saffiano item. Simply clean it gently every now and then with a damp cloth. Avoid rubbing the surface of your saffiano item, so the convex peaks of the textures do not wear and tear fast. While saffiano leather is scratch-resistant, very sharp items like a penknife can damage the wax finish. Regular keys would not damage the saffiano leather unless it is scratched on with force. Slip it into your pocket without worry!

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